Google cenzuruje filmy w Internecie

June 25 2016

It has finally been admitted on Yahoo that Google and Youtube automatically censor videos.

It is a puff piece that goes 3 percent of the way towards the truth. Here is reality: For years, if I put a video on Youtube, most of the time anyone who clicked a link to it would receive a message that I removed it. After I pointed this out, it would then just say something malfunctioned and give the static screen. This is very common with truth sites, and Mike Rivero was the first one who noticed and pointed it out. With this method, the IP of the computer that posted the video will work if whoever posted it clicks on it. So it looks like everything is normal. But if anyone else tries to hit it, it is censored. Youtube will also play a secondary trick of inserting obscene videos to discredit a web site, rather than what was really linked.

Another common form of censorship is the ghost ban, where when someone posts a comment, they can see their comment and no one else can. This is to silence people who continuously point out new topics more than it is for average people who are still stuck on „911 was an inside job”. Additionally, there is a system which tracks everyone according to their level of knowledge, and will selectively show comments to people based upon what their knowledge level is, so they can still get feedback on comments, but no overall progress for the truth is made.

There is also a central database which operates cross platform, so if you post something to let’s say REDDIT that tripped a censor, you will become registered in a central database, and the same censor will automatically happen on Youtube, Facebook, and practically every other site. They don’t have to shadow ban you on an individual basis anymore.

HERE IS A BIG ONE: Let’s say you run your own forum and you like a poster’s comments, and would never ban them. If the individual posting has materials that someone totally unrelated to your forum dislikes, your forum has a back door they can get into it with, be it the operating system, CPU, or forum software itself, and they will sit on your server and moderate your forum for you. This is happening at Rumormill news, and the people running the site do not even know it. This is also proven to be happening to Kerry Cassidy, and it has hurt the quality of her web site enormously. This is probably also happening with most other truth sites, but I sat down and intensively proved it with those two. The owners are completely oblivious to what is going on and I cannot get a message through to tell them.

If you use forum software, WordPress, or any other publicly available software that runs outside of your control, you are DOOMED. Forget it and pack up. All you will be able to do is scratch the surface of a sensitive topic and you are GONE.

GOOGLE ANALYTICS CENSORSHIP: Google plays a really dirty trick. If you put their analytics scripts on your web site, they will be used to make it run like crap or not work at all if you post anything sensitive. Once you put someone elses script on your site, they can use that script to destroy you, and I have personally seen that Google script wipe out Uncensored Publications (an ad that was once on my site) and they would not believe it and just sat there spinning until they were rendered irrelevant. Their sales dropped to absolute zero. The Google analytics script was used to block their web site from loading, and was programmed to send back a message that the web site did not exist. You had to hit it 3 or 4 times before it would finally be permitted by Google analytics to come in. No one is going to keep trying a dead link, if it does not work on the first click, off they go. It killed Uncensored completely. That is why I do not use Google analytics on this web site, if you post the type of stuff I post, they are an automatic death sentence. Obviously Google is powerful enough to know who is hitting an analytics script, so when the site owner checks the site, everything works fine.

AD SERVER BASED CENSORSHIP: This happened to this web site. I got advertising through Zedo. That lasted less than a week. They propositioned me for ads right around the time of the Philip Wood bust, and never credited a single ad load, and never paid a dime all the while they, instead of sending ads, used the ad script to send viruses to anyone who hit this site. I caught it quickly, and it was BYE BYE zedo. Of course they also send out real ads to alternative news sites that sort of flounder around the truth, but if you are anyone who truly strikes bedrock, Zedo will kill you.

And I am not worried about getting sued for posting these things about Google and others, because I have it documented as proven truth, and they will not want to see this get broader publicity than what is here. A lawsuit might even get published on Drudge.

DNS censorship: Look at what the address bar says when you access this site. Need I say more? If you do not have a dedicated IP for your web site, and you speak the truth, you are DOOMED. This web site did not stay visible by chance!

There are lots of truth sites that post lots of „damning” stuff, all the while it is all linked through to MSM sources that are part of the control matrix. If all a web site does is assemble a collection of stuff that appeared within that control matrix, they are useless and will never be punished (like Drudge). You won’t have to worry about getting censored for collecting all of the „worst” sounding stuff that is nothing but entertainment value, and even Google will give you ads and be your friend. This includes Assange, Snowden, and others who sparked a lot of interest, and accomplished NOTHING. If you have a message, and the MSM will print your name, you are NOTHING BUT A TOOL. That is why I stopped paying attention to Snowden, if he got a spot on HBO, he’s fake or useless or a tool and that is all there is to it.

A renegade truth site that does not follow any „rules” will:

1. Not have any Google ads.
2. Not run Google analytics.
3. Not ever be mentioned by the MSM.
4. Not run on anything someone else owns (for long) – for example, Aangirfan is real, and has had to jump around 50 times. There are others also that have to keep changing names. But any real truth site that is going to be stable will have to have it’s own dedicated web presence, and not be able to post anything for free.
5. Not have any outsourced ads from any other provider that require scripts to run
6. Not run any outsourced processes such as fonts, or Bitly link builder (which is a totally proven censorship tool, it seems to me that clandestine censorship is the only reason Bitly exists)

A real truth site that plays it cautious to avoid trouble (these still count as real) will:

1. Still have dedicated hardware to avoid problems with censors
2. Might have ads from ad servers other than Google or other mainstream sources,
3. Might be able to run google analytics (but it will still be risky)
4. Will not turn up in search engines without the use of direct quotes from the web site or the site address. (also true of renegade truth sites)

MSM parrot „truth” sites that break no ground at all will:

1. Be profitable and highly ranked.
2. Have Google ads and Google analytics
3. Can run anywhere without problems.
4. Be mentioned frequently in the same MSM they call the „enemy”

I guess I typed all of this up today after seeing that worthless Yahoo puff piece about how some video serving sites were going to „start censoring terror”. Gee, with how far down the sewer hole everything has already fallen, one could only wish.



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